Voices of Our Community

Discover Words of Hope & Inspiration

Hear from others who are navigating cancer in their own lives or are working to make a positive difference for people who have been impacted by a cancer diagnosis. Collectively, the voices of our community are a vital reminder that Community Is Stronger Than Cancer.

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Who has been your biggest inspiration on your survivorship journey, and why?


“My spouse. He keeps telling me you are strong, you can do it, you did it and defeated the monster. Keep going my dear. He has encouraged me to go to school and I got my master’s degree as a survivor.”


Joyce wearing glasses and a blue blazer and smiling beside a tree

What is one piece of advice you can share with other cancer survivors?


A piece of advice that I can give to another cancer survivor like me is just to never give up, never give up, and have a big desire to keep going. … Look for all the help that you need. Ask for help. Let others help you. And never, never give up.

— Elizabeth

Are You Caring for a Loved One With Cancer?

Cancer caregivers provide support in so many ways, and many have stepped into a caregiving role for the first time. What is one thing you wish you had known when you first became a caregiver? Please share your story. It's fast, simple, and you can do it all on your phone:

Meet Our Helpline Navigators

Meet Our Helpline Navigators: Madison
Madison, a certified genetic counselor, is a community navigator on our Cancer Support Helpline. Madison can provide Helpline callers with resources and information about genetic testing, hereditary ...
Conoce a los Navegadores: Irma

“Las personas que llaman están pasando momentos muy difíciles en su vida. Yo puedo ayudarlos. Para mi es un honor y un placer,” dice Irma, uno de nuestros trabajadores social licenciados.

Meet Our Helpline Navigators: Lauren
Lauren, a licensed clinical social worker, is a community navigator on our Cancer Support Helpline. Lauren specializes in CAR T cell therapy and can provide support, navigation, and resources for Hel...


“Hopefully, we can not only educate people about resources, but also help to ‘normalize’ what they’re feeling in such a way that it helps them feel OK about seeking out the support that can help them along the way.”
— Navigator, Cancer Support Helpline
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CSC's June Advocate Spotlight, Maria Brown, smiles while standing beside her bike outside

When we rely on others to enact change that we want to see, we possess no agency in seeing those changes implemented. Your perspective and participation matter.

— Maria, cancer advocate