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We Believe Community is Stronger than Cancer


MyLifeLine exists to easily connect cancer patients and caregivers with friends and family in order to reduce stress, anxiety and isolation.

By creating your own private website, our goal is to help you find hope, regain control, document your journey, and receive social, emotional, and practical support from friends and family throughout the treatment process and beyond.

On MyLifeLine discussion boards, you can connect with others like you. Share your unique cancer experiences and offer insights, coping strategies and inspiration. Covering a wide range of topics like coping with side effects of cancer treatment, nutrition with cancer, and caregiver support, our discussion boards are moderated by licensed mental health professionals and are available 24/7.


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Amber's Online Support Community  

Amber shares how her private support website and blog keeps her connected to friends and family. Hear how the Helping Calendar eases the burden for her caregivers and helps cancer patients manage their overwhelming schedules. MyLifeLine’s cancer-specific discussion boards provide Amber with a safe place to talk about cancer and find online support.

What is MyLifeLine?

Features to Engage & Connect


Discover all the tools you need to receive emotional support and strength. Your Dashboard will be your hub of activity across MyLifeLine so you can transform your cancer experience easily through community and connection. You can create a personal site, join a discussion board, or find helpful resources like your local Cancer Support Community locations and news, healthy recipes during and post cancer treatment, and quick access to Cancer Support Community’s free cancer helpline.


Interactive Blog

Keep everyone up to date from one place. To make things easy for you, use this tool to document your cancer journey and inform your guests of your diagnosis, updates on treatment, and your recovery, without having to reach out to them individually. You can share photos or videos with your friends and family, and they can respond directly to your updates with encouraging messages, stories and photos to give you strength, love, and the kind of cancer support you need.

Helping Calendar

Your family and friends want to help. At some point throughout your cancer journey, you are likely going to need help. Make it easy for yourself by organizing your doctor appointments, meals, anniversaries, rides, childcare, and other events on this calendar. Your family and friends will be notified when events are added and can volunteer to help with logistical support through the platform without you having to personally pick up the phone and ask. You can even have your care coordinator manage your calendar and the offers from your friends & family to help.

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Capture memories throughout your journey. Creating a downloadable keepsake is a perfect way to produce a gift for a member, archive your site content permanently, and share your site content with friends and family.

Discussion Boards

Connect to others like you. Join our online support community to share your unique experiences throughout your cancer journey to minimize isolation and promote connection to others who are experiencing what you are. Find boards and topics that resonate with you:

  • Advanced Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer
  • Apoyo al cuidador (en español)
  • Cancer in Your 20s-30s
  • Caregiver Support
  • CAR T Cell Therapy & Immunotherapy
  • Coping With Side Effects
  • Grief & Loss
  • Hacer frente a los efectos secundarios (en español)
  • Living With AML
  • Living With Breast Cancer
  • Living With DLBCL (Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma)
  • Living With Lung Cancer
  • Managing Multiple Myeloma
  • Nutrition & Wellness
  • Nutrición y Bienestar
  • Parenting With Cancer
  • Post-treatment Survivors
  • Young Adult Survivors of Pediatric Cancer
Discussion Board

MyLifeLine was my connection to the world, my connection to my own self, and a place where I could be encouraged by others.

Paige, Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Veronica arnold

The whole process of learning that people were there for me when I was at my most vulnerable was surprising.

Veronica, Breast Cancer

I was overwhelmed with the amount of support I received during my cancer experience. The feedback from friends was encouraging.

Patricia, Breast Cancer

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