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Read February 8, 2023

A Dietitian Dispels 3 Myths About Eating Well With Cancer

Between the internet, TV, and the media, we have access to an abundance of information, but it’s not always accurate. Cancer nutrition is one area where myths and misconceptions can create confusion and needless worry. Oncology dietitian Chelsey Schneider, of Savor Health, spoke with our Senior Director of Education and Outreach, Rachel Saks, about ways to eat healthy after a cancer diagnosis. Schneider also cleared up 3 nutrition myths that oncology dietitians commonly hear. Keep reading to learn the myths, and the facts that debunk them.
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Read January 31, 2023

There's Nothing Like a Home-cooked Meal, Especially One to Help a Friend

If your friend has been diagnosed with cancer, you may be wondering how you can best support them. One great place to start is by asking if they’d like help with meals. Organizing healthy, home-cooked meals for your friend can be a perfect way to show your support and love as they navigate their diagnosis. Keep reading for 7 tips to help you get started.
A smiling woman doctor in a white lab coat speaks with a patient
Read January 25, 2023

Doctor Priorities vs. Patient Priorities: How to Strike a Balance

A doctor's No. 1 priority is treating their patient's illness or disease. But for some patients, their No. 1 priority might not be their disease. So, what happens when your priorities and your doctor's priorities don't align? Keep reading for tips on striking a balance that works for you.
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Read January 17, 2023

5 Ways to Manage Stress After a Cervical Cancer Diagnosis

It can be overwhelming to receive a cervical cancer diagnosis. It can also be stressful to think about all the next steps to take. First, take a deep breath. Know that there are resources to turn to for information, guidance, and support. We share 5 tips to help you manage stress and take control of your journey after a cervical cancer diagnosis.
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Read January 10, 2023

10 Coping Strategies to Improve Your Quality of Life

There is no right way or wrong way to cope with cancer, but there are actions you can take to help you gain control during your cancer journey. We share 10 steps you can take to cope with your diagnosis and improve your quality of life while navigating treatment and survivorship.
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Read January 2, 2023

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Stay Strong & Carry On

As we ring in 2023, we'd like to share a few possible New Year’s resolutions for everyone affected by cancer. They might not all apply to you, but we hope they'll offer a reminder that you are not alone on your journey.
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Read December 27, 2022

Worried About Cancer Costs? We Offer Free Financial Navigation & Support

Cancer treatment costs and other financial stressors can weigh heavy on cancer patients and their families. Many people are not sure where to turn for guidance. Our Cancer Support Helpline offers free financial navigation for people impacted by cancer. Read our blog to learn how our Financial Navigators can help ease your distress about cancer costs.
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Read December 20, 2022

HIV and Cancer: One Man Shares His Experience Navigating Both Diagnoses

"One day, I was advocating for a patient of mine and realized that I hadn’t been doing a good job of advocating for myself," shares Tony Christon-Walker, a longtime community advocate and activist. In our Q&A with Tony, he discusses his experience as a cancer survivor living with HIV. He also reflects on the importance of self-advocacy as a patient and facing – and defeating – stigma. Keep reading for more insights from Tony.
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Read December 15, 2022

Not Just a Cost-Containment Tool: Utilization Management Should Benefit Patients

Utilization management (or UM for short) is a set of techniques used to reduce healthcare costs, and they can directly impact patient care. We recently gathered stakeholders together for a virtual forum to discuss the role UM plays in our healthcare system. The conversation focused on what patients, caregivers, and advocates can do to create a more patient-centered system. Keep reading for key takeaways and actions you can take to help ensure UM practices are used appropriately to benefit patients.
A woman's hands comfortingly hold the hands of a friend
Read December 13, 2022

Coping With Triple Negative Breast Cancer? 3 Areas Where You May Need Extra Support

Findings from our cancer experience survey show that people with triple negative breast cancer can face significant distress due to financial toxicity and challenging symptoms and side effects. Keep reading for 3 key takeaways to know if you or a loved one is facing a TNBC diagnosis, and resources that can help.